Product Category

Product Category List BY PROGRAM
Code Country (Program) GEN
Austria (Australia (The Australian Ecolabel Program) Australia (The Australian Ecolabel Program) M
Brazil (Brazilian Ecolabelling) Brazil (Brazilian Ecolabelling) M
Croatia (Environmental Choice) Croatia (Environmental Label) M
China Ecolabelling Center (China Environmental Labelling) China Environmental United Certification Center
(China Environmental Labelling)
Czech Republic (Environmental Choice) Czech Republic (Environmental Choice) M
EU (EU Ecolabelling) EU (EU Ecolabelling)*1 M
Germany (Blue Angel) Germany (Blue Angel) M
Hong Kong (Green Label Scheme) Hong Kong (Green Label Scheme) M
Hong Kong (Hong Kong Federation of Environmental Protection) Hong Kong (Hong Kong Federation of Environmental Protection) M
India (Ecomark) India (Ecomark) M
India (Ecomark) Indonesia (Indonesian Eco-label Program) M
Japan (Eco Mark) Japan (Eco Mark) M
Korea (Environmental Lebelling) Korea (Environmental Lebelling) M
Korea (Environmental Lebelling) North America (Environmental Choice(Ecologo) M
Nordic Countries (Nordic Swan) Nordic Countries (Nordic Swan) includes Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden M
New Zealand (Environmental Choice New Zealand) New Zealand (Environmental Choice New Zealand) M
New Zealand (Environmental Choice New Zealand) Philippines M
Republic of China (Taiwan - Green Mark) Taiwan (Green Mark) M
Sweden (Good Green Buy) Sweden (Good Green Buy) M
Sweden (TCO) Singapore (Green Label) M
Sweden (TCO) Sweden (TCO) M
Spain (AENOR-Medio Ambiente) Spain (AENOR-Medio Ambiente) Non
Thailand (Thai Green Label) Thailand (Thai Green Label) M
Ukraine (Living Planet) Ukraine (Living Planet) M
USA (Green Seal) USA (Green Seal) M

M = GEN member, Non = Non-member
*1 EU programs includes Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein.