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space Product Category List of Ecolabelling Programs Worldwide

Lastly Updated: June, 2007

This "Product Category List of Ecolabelling Programs Worldwide" is intended to facilitate information exchanges among ecolabelling practitioners and interested parties, which covers most existing ecolalbelling programs in the world. The listed product categories are ones on which each program has its certification criteria or standards.

Up-to-date information on criteria of your program to GEN General Affairs Office is mostly welcomed whenever you approve new criteria or abolish existing criteria so that we can reflect it to this list upon updating. If your program is not included in the list, we are glad to add it from the next time.

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Composition of this list
This list is sorted by two ways;
1.Product Category List by CODE
2.Product Category List by PROGRAM

-Please refer to Product Category Code Table and Abbreviation of Country (Program) before use the list.
-Some information is yet to be updated. For these programs, the year of updated lastly is indicated in the "Lastly Updated in" column.

  1. Product Category List by CODE
  2. Product Category List by PROGRAM